Classroom News: January 22-25

6th Grade World History
This week the students will begin their study of Ancient Greece. The students will read the chapter, and then they will complete a fun activity on Greek mythology. As a creative way to showcase the abilities and powers of the Greek mythological figures, they will create "business cards" for them. Please stop by during Open House on Sunday to see their finished products!
7th Grade Religion
The seventh graders will be completing their Saints and Miracles activity. The students have created a class matching game using facts about several saints. They will play the game this week, and we will also have the game displayed during Open House. Come in and play! We will also be learning about the sacraments of penance and anointing of the sick this week. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth graders will be completing their studies of the Progressive Era this week. Their test is on Monday. On Tuesday, the students will be going on a field trip to Music Hall to see Violins of Hope. This is a very unique opportunity for our students! During the second half of the week, the students  will be learning about Imperialism and its contribution to WWI.