Classroom News: February 5-9

6th Grade Social Studies
This week we will conclude our study of Ancient Greece, but we will continue to study the Greek world. We will explore several of the city-states and some of the conflicts that Greece had with surrounding peoples. 
7th Grade Religion
We will begin our "Choose Life" chapter this week. This chapter will cover some difficult and thought-provoking topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. I encourage you to read chapter 13 with your students and discuss these topics with them. Father Chris will be in our classroom on Thursday to answer the students' questions on this topic as well.
8th Grade Social Studies
We are starting our study of World War I this week. The students will be looking at the causes of the war as well as the early battles of the war. We will be watching a video on World War I in addition to reading the materials in our book and on handouts.