Classroom News: February 12-15

6th Grade Social Studies
This week the students will complete their study of the Greek World. We will have an open book assessment over chapter 9 on Wednesday. We will be playing our own version of the Ancient Olympic games in class this week and the beginning of next week - it should be a lot of fun!
7th Grade Religion
We will conclude our chapter on life this Tuesday with an assessment on chapter 13. This week is also the beginning of Lent. The students will be studying the works of mercy as part of Lent, and they will also be praying about their personal Lenten sacrifices this week. 
8th Grade Social Studies
We will continue our study of World War I this week. We will look at the use of propaganda during the war, as well as the terms of the armistice and peace treaty that ended WWI. The students will have a map quiz this week on 11 north African countries. The students test over WWI will be the following Thursday, 2/22.