Classroom News: February 20-23

6th Grade Social Studies
This week we will be wrapping up our study of Ancient Greece with a fun culminating activity: reenacting the Ancient Greek Olympics! The students will be assigned to a city-state and they will participate in several different Olympic events to honor the Ancient Greeks. The students will also be creating flags and pledges for their city-state that they use during the games. It should be a really fun week!
7th Grade Religion
We will continue our Lenten activities this week by taking a look at the mercy we find in the sacrament of confession. We will also be discussing the virtue of prudence this week. The students will begin the chapter on the Beatitudes. They will be required to memorize these over the next two weeks. 
8th Grade Social Studies
This week we will wrap up our study of World War I. The eighth graders will look at the aftermath of the war, including the creation of the League of Nations. There will be a test over World War I on Friday. We will also have a graded CNN quiz on Tuesday. The students are allowed to use their notes on the CNN quiz, so they should make sure that they are up-to-date!