Classroom News: March 5 - 9

6th Grade Social Studies
We are continuing our study of the Roman Republic this week. The students will finish their work on chapter 10 and they will have a test over the chapter on Thursday. At the end of the week we will continue our study of Rome and its connection to Christianity.
7th Grade Religion
The students will be learning about fortitude and justice this week. They will be discussing the importance of these virtues in leading a Christ-centered life. We will also have an Adoration service this Thursday. Each grade level will be given the chance to have a very special encounter with Jesus. We will be using the Bible passage about the bleeding woman (Mark 5:21-34) as the basis for Adoration service. 
8th Grade Social Studies
The eighth grade will be finishing up their presentations on the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression. Each student is working with a partner or two to present a specific aspect of one of these time periods. There will be a quiz over the content of these presentations on Wednesday. The students will also begin their study of World War II. This is our longest unit of the year and will involve an examination of the Holocaust. If you have any questions about the content of our unit, please feel free to contact me.