Classroom News: August 24 - September 1

 Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am so excited to start this year of sharing and learning. I will post weekly what we are working on in my classes. Please email or call if you ever have questions about what we are learning. I look forward to an amazing year!
6th Grade Social Studies
  • In social studies this year we will learn about world history. We cover a large amount of material in one short school year!
  • This week we will begin our study of chapter 1, which dives into some basic information about the study of history and geography. 
7th Grade Religion
  • Religion class this year will focus on the New Testament and the life of Jesus. We will work to deepen our relationship with our Lord. 
  • This week we will start to explore what Jesus is to us and some of his many titles in the Bible. 
8th Grade Social Studies
  • Our year will be a busy one as we cover civics, the second half of American History, and world geography. 
  • This week we will begin our study of the functions of government in a society. 
  • The students will start learning the countries in North and Central America in geography.
  • We will begin our discussions concerning political convention. The students will be given a handout that details all of the steps of the project.