Classroom News: September 11 - 15

6th Grade History
1. Students will have their first test on Monday. This test is about the study of history. The 6th graders have received a study guide for this test and we have gone over the information extensively in class. 
2. Students will complete an activity about primary and secondary sources this week. 
7th Grade Religion
1. This week in religion we will be focusing on chapter 3. This takes a look at the books in the New Testament and how they portray the life and teachings of Jesus. We will be completing a "Gospel Lab" that helps the students look at specific books and passages in the New Testament. 
2. We will participate in Rosary this week as a class and a meditation on the words of Jesus. 
8th Grade History
1. The students will begin chapter 3 this week, which looks at the role of citizens in our country. 
2. We will choose out presidential and vice presidential candidates for political convention this week. In order to be in the running, students will have to give a speech about their leadership qualities to their class.