Classroom News: September 19-22

6th Grade History
1. This week the 6th graders will be learning about the earliest humans and the Stone Age. 
2. We will be working on our note-taking skills as we dive into chapter 2. We will also be taking our first section quiz this week. 
7th Grade Religion
1. This week we will finish our study of chapter 3. This chapter examines the books of the New Testament. The students will have a quiz on chapter 3 on Wednesday. 
2. We will begin working on chapter 4 this week. This looks at the time and place where Jesus lived. We will watch a video this week that details some of the locations that Jesus was known to have visited. 
3. On Friday, the 7th graders will have the opportunity to make rosaries while learning about Our Lady of Fatima. 
4. 7B is in charge of Mass this Wednesday at 9:00am. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join us! 
8th Grade History
1. We are continuing our study of citizenship this week and what it means to be a citizen of the United States. The students will have a test over this chapter on Friday. 
2. We are starting to really amp up our work on political convention this week. The students will be meeting with their committees, and they will begin to execute their committee's assigned tasks. 
3. The students will receive their next geography map this week. We will be working on South America for the next few weeks. The students will have a week to label all of the countries on the map. They will have another week to memorize their locations.