Classroom News: October 2-6

6th Grade Social Studies
1. We will begin our study of the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia. We will be diving in to the many different advancements that these civilizations made.
2. The students will get their chapter 2 tests back early this week. 
7th Grade Religion
1. The students will continue their study of the time in which Jesus lived by completing a research activity. The students will create a written summary of their research and share it with their class.
2. We will prepare for our field trip that will take place next Monday, October 9th. Permission forms are due Wednesday, October 4.  The field trip is to Mayerson JCC on Ridge Road. The sudents will visit the center's sukkah and discuss the connections between Judaism and Christianity with Rabbi Shena Jaffee. 
3. We will begin to examine the different Nativity stories from the Gospels this week.
8th Grade Social Studies
1. The eighth graders will continue their work on political convention this week. Now that the students' goals have been approved, the students will be scheduling classroom visits, writing a speech for the classroom visits, creating a brochure and posters to advertise their party, and creating a script for their party's commercial.
2. We will also continue to discuss political parties and their role in our government as well as the electoral process.