Classroom News: October 9-13

***This Wednesday is the last turn in day for Run4Fun!***
***The students are off next Monday, 10/16, for a faculty professional development day.***
6th Grade Social Studies
1. This week the sixth graders will continue to work on early Fertile Crescent civilizations and their innovations. 
2. We will examine the Code of Hammurabi this week and its links to modern justice. 
3. The students will have a test over chapter 3 next week. It is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 10/17.
7th Grade Religion
1. On Monday the seventh graders will be traveling to Mayerson Jewish Community Center to talk with Rabbi Shena Jaffee about the connections between Judaism and Christianity. We will visit the community sukkah, or fall harvest festival tent, and discuss the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. 
2. We will continue to work on chapter 5 this week, which details the infancy narratives and the importance of Mary in our faith.
3. The Catholic website Formed has a great series that begins this week. The series is about the Bible and the Sacrament. It looks at the scriptural basis for the sacraments. We will be watching this series as it is posted on Formed for the next five weeks. This has a direct connection to the seventh grade curriculum and will be a great source of information for our students.  
8th Grade Social Studies
1. We will continue to work on chapter 22 this week. This chapter focuses on the development and roles of political parties in the United States. We will have an open-study-guide test over chapter 22 on Thursday.
2. Political convention is in full-swing this week. The candidates will be visiting classrooms to introduce the students to their platforms. The committees will be working on banners and posters, commercial production schedules, and speeches.