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Students took their last test of the year this Monday in Science. The remainder of the year will be spent making a 3-D Periodic Table and completing a Periodic Table scavenger hunt.  Both activities are designed to help students gain an understanding of how the table is organized, properties of the different categories, and common uses of various elements. 

School Survey


SASEAS families,


It is that time of year again, where we want to reach out to you and seek your feedback on the performance of our school.  This will be our 3rd annual survey that we are seeking your input.  While the previous 2 years’ surveys were very important, this year’s survey results will serve as a big piece of the roadmap that is handed off to the new principal as we head into a new leg of the journey.  Each of the candidates we have interviewed mentioned the importance of a survey and receiving the feedback of the community.  Without your assistance the strategy will be driven by a few rather than by all.


I have heard from some that they don’t want to take the time for the survey because the feedback is not used. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our previous 2 surveys were instrumental in driving a number of improvements that have been implemented by the staff and teachers from both schools.  Below are a number of changes that have taken place over the past few years that were driven by feedback from you:


  • Continue to drive more and better methods of communication between the school and parents:
    • Parents have a better idea of what's going on in the classrooms.  Teachers are posting their weekly syllabi and homework on their Edlio pages.
    • More frequent use of Parent Alert for important messages / reminders.
    • Introduction of our monthly school 'e-newsletter'.
    • Better use of school's Facebook page.
    • Revamped our school website.  More information / easier to navigate. 
    • Continue to highlight the importance of the communication between and the school and the family and investigate other methods for improvement.
  • Put together the math committee made up of teachers and parents.  Have met multiple times to investigate other math programs for our kids.  Currently doing final review on the math program for the school.
  • Improved interaction with the community:
    • Greater parent participation in the PTO.
    • Greatly reduced the number of fund raisers, and created more interactive events for all. As a result our 2 major fundraiser have been very successful.
    • Got rid of Boosterthon company for the Fun Run in order to maximize the funds coming back to the school and make it "our" event. 
    • Added Grandparents' Day to the Seton Campus.
  • Added to the after school program: 
    • Bricks for kids by Lego, at the Seton Campus.
    • Programing / robotics at the St. Andrew Campus.
  • In an effort to assist students, Science and Math teachers are staying in at lunch or assisting before/after school to offer extra help to our students at the St. Andrew campus.
  • Continued focus on technology in the classroom:
    • Introduced a full 1:1 iPad program in K - 3.
    • Added another computer cart of Chrome Books to the 4th / 5th grade classes.



These improvements continue to support the success of our students in events like the Science Fair, Power of the Pen, Math Counts, and Spelling Bees.  It helps to facilitate the success that we see in our graduates as they move on to high school.  Over the past year, I have personally experienced the strength of our school community.  I hope that same community steps up and take the time to fill out the survey for our school.  Please help us as we work to offer our school’s values of being “Academically Excellent and Passionately Catholic” to a larger group. 


As an incentive, we are offering an additional “Out of Uniform” day if we exceed our goal of 50% response.  Our hope is that your kids will be more engaged in the process now also!  Thanks again for your assistance.



Jay Kuhn

SAC President


Keenan West, Monday, March 14th

Parent Assembly

Keenan West

Speaker on Bully Prevention

When:  March 14, 7:00

Where:  Seton cafeteria

NO RSVP is required

Science Fair Important Information

This week students will have the opportunity to present their science fair projects to their classmates and receive teacher feedback on how they can improve their presentations for the judges.
The science fair will be held Friday, January 15th during school hours.  Parents and community will have the opportunity to come the evening of the 15th from 6:00-6:50 to browse the fair and listen to students presentations.
Science fair breakdown will be from 6:50-7:00 p.m. that evening.

Week of October 26th

This week we will wrap up our Astronomy Chapter 4 Test.  The chapter test will be on Wednesday.
Friday we will explore the physical side of science with a few "creepy" chemical changes in matter.  Should be spooktacular!

Astronomy Chapter 4

We will be working to close out Chapter 4 the rest of this week and into next week.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing for the Chapter 4 test that will take place Wednesday, October 28th.

Wednesday - After School Science Help Sessions

Beginning Wednesday, September 16th I will be staying after school for help sessions with students. Please make sure your child has a ride home if they are staying.  We will work till 3:30.

Science Fair Research

This week we will be focusing our class time on researching our science fair projects so students can make a good hypothesis.  Research will be completed in class.

Thursday, September 10th Update

Students have chosen their topics for the Science Fair and are now entering the research stage of their projects.  Next week we will spend our class periods researching and writing.  Our goal is to have the rough drafts completed by Monday, September 21st with final copies of our papers due Friday 25th.

8th Grade Science - Week of 8/31/15

*Scientific Method Study Guide is due Wednesday. Students have been given their Study Guides
*Scientific Method Test is Friday.
*This week we will also have the opportunity to complete our first STEM investigation in which students will team up to build the strongest bridge out of toothpick and gum drops.

7th Grade Science - Week of 8/31/15

*Scientific Method Study Guide is due Wednesday. Students have been given their Study Guides
*Scientific Method Test is Friday.
*This week we will also have the opportunity to complete our first STEM investigation exploring the surface tension of different liquids.

8th Grade Science - Week of 8/24/15

This week in science we explore the similarities and differences in a hypothesis, theory and law.
Students will choose a theory or law (options have been handed out) to research and briefly discuss in the case of theories why it hasn't become a law and in the case of laws, how it came to be a law.  We will spend Wednesday's class time researching this assignment.  This is a mini research assignment and only needs to be a max of 3-4 paragraphs.  I am looking mostly for an understanding of the different between a scientific theory and a law.  Paper is due Thursday and students have a rubric.
We will also be discussing in detail the Scientific Method, making observations, inferences and predictions.  Then we will close the week with an exploration lab of the different tools found in our science lab and their proper use.
Next week we will be completing our first S.T.E.M. activity and are in need of gum drops candy for that bridge building activity.

7th grade science - Week of 8/24/15

This week in science we will be discussing in detail the Scientific Method.  We will hone our skills at making observations, inferences and predictions.  Then we will close the week with an exploration lab of the different tools found in our science lab and their proper use.
Happy first full week of school! 


It's time to wind up those alarm clocks, iron your uniforms and sharpen pencils! 
I am looking most forward to this 2015-16 school year and all the opportunities we will get to share together.
Please subscribe to my personal page as well as your specific class page so you can be in-the-know about all things science. 

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