8th Grade Science - Week of 8/24/15

This week in science we explore the similarities and differences in a hypothesis, theory and law.
Students will choose a theory or law (options have been handed out) to research and briefly discuss in the case of theories why it hasn't become a law and in the case of laws, how it came to be a law.  We will spend Wednesday's class time researching this assignment.  This is a mini research assignment and only needs to be a max of 3-4 paragraphs.  I am looking mostly for an understanding of the different between a scientific theory and a law.  Paper is due Thursday and students have a rubric.
We will also be discussing in detail the Scientific Method, making observations, inferences and predictions.  Then we will close the week with an exploration lab of the different tools found in our science lab and their proper use.
Next week we will be completing our first S.T.E.M. activity and are in need of gum drops candy for that bridge building activity.