Week of 1/11/16

This week students will begin their exploration of fluid, pressure, buoyancy and Pascall's Principle.  We will implode soda cans using gas and fluid pressure and make barometers.  This chapter is by far one of the more interesting of the textbook and provides for lots of hands on activities for students.  I will be requesting help with supplies for these activities (soda cans, liter bottles, and water bottles). 
We will end the week with Science Fair Judging.  Students will need to pack a snack or two and bring a book and/or sketchpad to work on while waiting their turn to be judged.
Friday, January 15th from 6:00-7:00 students will be presenting their science fair projects in the Parish Center for their families and community.  They do not have to be in uniform for this, but will want to look nice for the presentations.  This is a great time for parents to hear from other students and get a feel for where their child is academically.