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All About Me

My name is Mandy Wood!  I am one of the 5th grade teachers.  I will be teaching Reading, Expressions, Religion, and Math to my homeroom, and Science to both 5th grade classes.  This is my 20th year of teaching, but only my 3rd year at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Before I came here I taught at Saint Bernadette for 2 years and Saint Veronica for 15 years.  I am so blessed to be at this school!  I absolutely love it here!  I have been married to my husband Joe for 14 years and I have 2 daughters.  Savannah is in 7th grade at Saint Andrews and Peyton is, of course, in 5th grade with me this year!!  We have 4 dogs that drive us all crazy-especially our newest one!  I am currently the 7th grade girls' volleyball coach and am looking forward to a great season!  In my free time I enjoy reading, going to the movies, cooking, and just spending time with the family.  I love animals, chocolate, and a good suspense novel-not necessarily in that order!  I think we are going to have an awesome 5th grade year and I look forward to growing some amazing disciples!!!  Happy 2019-2020 School Year!!!


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Week of November 11th, 2019

Hello Families and Happy Veterans' Day! 
What a gorgeous Sunday afternoon we had yesterday!!!  I hope everyone had a chance to spend some time outdoors!  I know I was able to attend to some much needed flowerbed weeding!  From the sound of the forecast, we might not see another day like that for awhile!  No worries though!  That will give the kiddos a chance to cuddle up with a good book or a fun game with the family!  Here's a peek at what is going on in the classroom for the final week of the 1st Trimester!
This week we are continuing our Theology of the Body Unit as we create a fun lapbook to show all we have learned about the creation of man.  Today we worked on showing the differences between the Scriptural account of the creation of man and the Greek Myths concerning how man was created.  I must say, I love Greek Mythology and I really enjoy showing the children the differences between our faith and stories of Greek gods.  We will continue working on our lapbooks throughout the week, focusing on Greek Myth Order of Creation, Scriptural Order of Creation, and Comparing and Contrasting the two.
Students were given their new Weekly Scripture Reading.  Please be sure to sign these for the children to return on Monday.
Reading/Language Arts
The 1st Trimester Book Reports were AWESOME!!!  Grades will go home in the Friday Folders.  Book Jackets will be displayed in the hallway this week!
Story of the Week: "Can't You Make them Behave King George?"
Reading Skill: Fact and Opinion
Vocabulary Skill: Using Context Clues
Phonics Skill: Open and Closed Syllable VCV patterns
Grammar Skill: Verb Tenses (Present and Past Tense/Future Tense/Consistent Tenses)
Writing Prompt: Persuasion/Problem and Solution
Present a problem in the community and possible solutions to fix it.
Monday-Reteach Packet over lessons 46-50
Tuesday-Cumulative 10A Test
Wednesday-Lesson 56 (Multiplying by 3-Digit Numbers that Include Zeros)
Thursday-Lesson 57 (Probability)
This week we will focus on Lessons 2, 3, and 4 of Chapter 3.  We will learn how organisms interact in an ecosystem, how ecosystems change, and how humans impact the ecosystems.  On Tuesday we will have a Quiz over the 15 Vocabulary words for Chapter 3.  We will also put together a lab to demonstrate decomposition in soil.  Our Chapter 3 Science Test will be Wednesday, November 20th.  A study guide will be provided soon.
*Movie and Popcorn Party Friday Afternoon!!!!  The Warman's have generously volunteered to donate the popcorn.  I will provide drinks and cookies!
*The WoodBuck/Hoot Loot Auction will be held on Friday Morning!  I went shopping over the weekend and I think I purchased a good variety of things to bid on!
*Out of Uniform on Friday!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Stay warm and as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of November 4th

Hello Parents!  
I am so sorry I let yesterday get away from me so fast!  I forgot to post homework and I wasn't able to get to my newsletter on time!!  It was a busy Monday for sure!  We have 2 weeks left in the 1st Trimester!!!  I can't believe how quick that was!  Here is what we have going on this week!
Wednesday-Chapter 4 Test
Thursday and Friday-Lesson 1 Theology of the Body 
                                  Original Nakedness
(a yellow parent letter was sent home yesterday)
Reading/Language Arts
Reading Skill: Cause and Effect
Vocabulary Skill: Reference Sources
Phonics: Vowel Sounds in Stressed Syllables
Spelling: VCCV Pattern
Story of the Week: "Dangerous Crossings"
Grammar Skill: Subject Pronouns/Object Pronouns/Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Writing: Opinion Paragraph about a Famaous Person
Monday-Lesson 52 Naming Numbers through Hundred Billions
Tuesday-Lesson 53 Perimeter/Measures of a Circle
Wednesday-Lesson 54 Dividing by Multiples of 10
Thursday-Lesson 55 Multiply by three-digit Numbers
Tuesday-Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Wednesday-Lesson 1 Parts of the Ecosystem
Thursday-Ecosystem Web Quest
Friday-Bill Nye Biodiversity 
-Blue Ribbon Choir at Saint Andrews TONIGHT from 5-6
-Pack a snack daily
-Homework Club Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week
-Early dismissal on Friday!
-Out of uniform on Friday!
-Book Reports due Friday!
Have a wonderful week!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  
Mandy Wood

Week of October 28th

Good Afternoon Parents! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  At least Sunday wasn't soggy!  Unfortunately it looks like Ohio tradition will not fail us again-Halloween in looking pretty dismal.  Hopefully the rain will stop in time for the trick-or-treating to begin!
I'm sad to say it looks pretty dismal in the classroom too.  I've tried to hold her back for as long as I could, but Sargent Wood has decided it is time to make her presence known.  As a whole, our little darlings are struggling with a few basic skills that will help them succeed, not only in the 5th grade, but all throughout the rest of their academic careers. I can't help but notice many of our lovelies are getting a bit lazy and are trying to get by with doing as little as possible.  This point was really driven home this morning when I told the class to take out their highlighters and half the class darted over to my supply of highlighters.  It wasn't that they didn't have their own highlighters...they simply didn't want to take the time to look for them in their art boxes. So this week, I will really be focusing on the concepts of accountability, responsibility, and organization.  I am asking that you also practice and focus on these concepts at home.  Hopefully 5th Grade Boot Camp won't last too long!  Here's a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
Monday-Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Baptism is the Foundation of Christian Life
Tuesday-Lesson 2 In Baptism we are Freed From Sin and Become Children of God
Wednesday-Lesson 3 We are a Priestly, Prophetic, and Royal People
Thursday-Lesson 4 Because of our Baptism We have Hope for Eternal Life
*We will have a test over Chapter 4 NEXT Wednesday
*Memorare test on Tuesday
Reading/Language Arts
Reading Skill: Main Idea and Supporting Details
Phonics/Spelling Skill: Schwa + /r/ sounds
Vocabulary Skill: Analogies
Grammar Skill: Quotations
*We will finish our novel, Hatchet, on Tuesday and have a Unit test on Wednesday.  There will be no vocabulary this week!
*Run-4-Fun Reward!!!!  NO PROMPT THIS WEEK!
Tuesday-Reteach Packet (Lessons 41-45)
Wednesday-Cumulative Test over Lessons 41-45
Thursday-Kahn Academy
Friday-Lesson 51 Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers
Monday-Finish Rocket Labs
Tuesday-Scientific Method with Pumpkins/Design Process with Marshmallows
Wednesday-Continue Pumpkin Labs
Friday-Halloween Candy Graphs (Students need to bring in 2 DIFFERENT pieces of candy today)
*Pack a snack daily!  I do have extra snacks in the classroom, but I think the kiddos have caught on and now think they don't need to bring their own.  I don't mind this, however if your monkey is one of the repeat offenders, please consider sending in a bag of individual snacks.  
*Halloween Party is at 1:30 on Thursday!!!  Parade at 2:30
*All Saints Mass on Friday morning at 9:00
*Book Reports are due November 8th
*Students may be out of uniform on Thursday for our Run-4-Fun School wide reward (out of uniform every Friday in November).  Due to Mass on Friday, we will not be out of uniform on November 1st.
*Second Classroom Run-4-Fun Reward...NO HOMEWORK ON THURSDAY NIGHT!!!  However, the children were reminded that Spelling and Grammar Packets are still due on Friday.  Plan accordingly
I hope you all have a great week!  Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.  And again, please, please discuss accountability, responsibility, and organization with your child in great detail this week!
Mandy Wood

Week of October 21st

Hello Parents!  
Happy Monday and  what looks like the end of the glorious weekend weather!  It's looking pretty gloomy out there right now!  But it's not gloomy here in the 5th grade classroom!!!  We have a week full of fun and exciting things, so let's get started!  Here's a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
This week we will dig deeper into the Mysteries of the Rosary.  Our class is also preparing the Mass for tomorrow.   The following students have volunteered to help with the following:
Servers-Brady, Josie, Colbie
Petitions-Peyton, Adam, Alexis, Ben
Gifts-Joey, Hunter, Keara
Please join us if you are able to
Monday-Joyful Mysteries
Tuesday-Mass/SOAP page
Wednesday-Sorrowful Mysteries
Thursday-Glorious Mysteries
Friday-Luminous Mysteries
Reading/Language Arts
Reading Skill: Conclusions and Generalizations
Hatchet Section 4 Chapters 13-16
Phonics and Spelling Skill: Compound Words
Vocabulary Skill: Greek and Latin Roots
Grammar Skill: Subordinate Conjunctions/Dependent and Independent Clauses/Compound and Complex Sentences
Writing Skill: Responding to Literature
Students will read a short story, "Random Acts of Kindness" and choose a character from the story to write about (3-5 paragraphs)
*Book Report Directions will go out Today!  Reports are due November 8th*
Lesson 47-Simplifying Mixed Measures
Lesson 48-Reading and Writing Whole Numbers in Expanded Notation
Lesson 49-Solving Multiple Step Word Problems
Lesson 50-Finding an Average
Chapter 2 Lab-a-Palooza Week!!!!
We will be making prosthetic arms and rockets this week!!!!  I can't wait!!!!
Reminders and Announcements
-Pack a snack daily
-Please do not sign your child's planner UNLESS he or she has actually written down the homework!
-Everybody Counts Monday and Friday!  Ask your child to tell you what they learned today!
-Homework Club Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week 3:15-4:15.  Please email the office or send in a note if your child is staying.
-Thank you for those who sent in extra money for the Run-4-Fun and to the anonymous donor!  Our class has now raised $1,000 for the Run-4-Fun and have earned all of the rewards.  Mrs. Jones and I will discuss when to have each reward and let you know what days we will do which reward.  
Have a fabulous week!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me.  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of October 15th

Hello 5th grade Parents!!!  
I hope everyone had a lovely 3-day weekend!  It was gorgeous!!  I know my weekend was full of girls' volleyball!  Congratulations to both 5th grade teams for doing so well in the end of season tournaments!!!  I am so proud of all the girls! If only I could get my 7th graders to play like these 5th grade girls...
Run for Fun was a huge success!  The school reached their goal, and now we get the Monday after the Super Bowl off!!!  Yay!  Unfortunately, our class did not quite reach their goal of $1000.  We were able to raise $815.50.  Even though the Run for Fun is over, I challenged the class to bring in that remaining $184.50 by Friday.  If we can do it, I will allow the kiddos to have their movie and popcorn party!  Let's see if we can earn a little quiet time for the kids-and Mrs. Wood :-)
4 Day Weeks are usually the really busy ones!  Here's a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
Tuesday-Mass/SOAP page
Wednesday-Review for Chapter 19 Test
Thursday-Chapter 19 Test
Friday-Activity with our 2nd Grade Little Buddies
Reading/Language Arts
Reading Skill:  Persuasion/Analyze and Evaluate
Phonics and Spelling: Homophones
Grammar: Conjunctions/Run-on Sentences/Subordinate Conjunctions
We will be reading Chapters 9-12 in Hatchet this week.  Quiz over this section and the vocabulary on Friday
Tuesday: Denim Insulation Activity
Wednesday: Review for Chapter 2 Test
Thursday: Chapter 2 Test
Friday: Design Process Packet
Math (Mrs. Wood's Math Group)
Tuesday-Reteach Packet (36-40)
Wednesday-Cumulative Test 8A
Thursday-Lesson 46 Word Problems about a Fraction of a Group
Friday-Kahn Academy
-5A is preparing the Mass for next Tuesday!  Please join us if you are able to!
-Pack a snack each day
-Homework club will only be on Wednesday this week due to conferences
-Ask your child about our Scripture of the Week!  
-Turn in those Box Tops this Week!!
I hope you all have a great week!!!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  And as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of October 7th

Hello Parents!  
Happy Fall!!!  Finally!  I love this time of year!  It's sweatshirt weather, the fall decorations are starting to come out, and Parent-Teacher conferences are right around the corner!  Be on the lookout for an Option C notification with directions on how to sign up for a conference with me and/or Mrs. Jones!  For now, let's take a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
We began Chapter 19 on Mary today.  We will learn all about how Mary was the first disciple, blessed among women and the greatest of saints, and how the Church remembers and honors Mary.  I have printed out our different title and pictures of Mary and will begin putting together our Mary wall this week!  We will have a test over Chapter 19 next Thursday!
Reading/Language Arts:
Hatchet Section 2 (Chapters 5-8) and new vocabulary
Reading Skill: Understanding Characters; Visualize
Phonics Skill: Vowel+/r/ sounds
Spelling Skill: More Vowel+/r/ sounds
Vocabulary Skill: Idioms
Grammar Skill: Direct Objects, Compound Direct Objects, Indirect Objects
Writing Prompt: Write a paragraph to convince me to add/change something in the class.  Persuasive Paragraph
*Students should be at least halfway through their realistic fiction books
*Quizlet is set up for Hatchet Section 2 and Spelling City is ready to go!
Lesson 42-Short Division
Lesson 43-More Arithmetic with Mixed Numbers
Lesson 44-Measuring Lengths with a Ruler
Lesson 45-Classifying Quadrilaterals
Chapter 2 Lesson 1-What is Technology?
Chapter 2 Lesson 2-How does Technology Mimic Living Things?
Lab-How can the Design of an Arm Help you Learn about How the Arm Works?
Chapter 2 Lesson 3-Design Process
-Pack a snack daily!
-Pink Service Project Sheets need to be signed and returned on Mondays
-Run For Fun Turn-in on Wednesday!!!
-Run For Fun on Friday!!!  Dress in uniform and we will change after Mass!
-Friday is an early dismissal 
-No School on Monday!!!
-Homework Club Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:15-4:15
-If you have EMPTY paper towel rolls/toilet paper rolls, please send them in!!!  We need them for a lab coming up!!!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 30th

Hello Parents!!!  
Isn't it suppose to be Fall already???  I cannot believe how hot it is going to be this week!  Hopefully by Friday we will get a little cool-down!  I know one thing about Friday that IS certain though...this Friday marks the mid-term of our 1st Trimester!!!  I will be sending home Mid-term reports on Friday.   Please be sure to check Option C a couple of times throughout each week to see updated grades so there are no surprises at Mid-term and the end of the trimester.  Here is a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
Wednesday will be our Chapter 3 Test, and on Thursday we will begin our Mary Unit!  I wills show the students a slideshow that displays several paintings of Mary and all the different names we call Mary.  The children will then draw a name out of a hat, find a picture of Mary that speaks to them, and write a paragraph about the picture and the name.  We will do this in class on Google Docs.  If you have a color printer at home, I would like the children to print these from home.  If not, I can print them here.
Reading/Language Arts:
WE BEGIN THE NOVEL HATCHET THIS WEEK!!!!  I am so excited to have the children start reading our first classroom novel.  We will start each week with the section vocabulary.  Students can practice the vocabulary on Spelling City and I have also made a quizlet for the children to practice!  
Reading Skill: Cause and Effect
Phonics Skill:  Common Beginning Syllables
Spelling Skill: Vowel + r sounds
Writing Prompt: What actions by people can have a positive and negative effect on the environment?
Students will write a 3-paragraph prompt this week
My Math class will complete lesson 40 today (writing Quotient as Mixed Numbers).  Tuesday we will review Lessons 31-35 and will have a test over these lessons on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will go through Lessons 41 (adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators) and 42 (Short Division.
Even though we just finished a week and a half of Lab-a-palooza, we have 3 days this week full of labs to introduce our new unit!!  Unit 2 focuses on the Design Process.  On Tuesday, we will design 3 types of glue that we will test on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday we will test out different Water Transport Systems to see which works best.  Friday we will read lesson 1.
*Pack a snack daily
*Homework Club will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  NO THURSDAY SESSION this week.  Please send a note or email to Mrs. Reed to let her know the days your child is staying this week
*Friday is Mid-Term!
*Run 4 Fun donations due WEDNESDAY
*Everyone should be reading a REALISTIC FICTION book now for our 1st Trimester book report (to be assigned on October 21st)
*Run 4 Fun/Early Dismissal on October 11th
Have a great week everyone!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 23rd

Hello 5th Grade Parents!!!!
I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!  It was so beautiful outside, but it is definitely nice to see a little rain and a break in the temperature.  I know there is a pretty big volleyball tournament this week, and football is still going on!  Now is the time our children really start focusing on time management!  With the busy week we are going to have, let's get started!  Here's a peek at what is going on in our classroom this week!
This week we will continue our discussion on the 7 Sacraments.  We will focus on these Sacraments in the following groups-Sacraments of Christian Initiation, Sacraments of Healing, and Sacraments of Community and Service.  On Friday, we have a very special visitor!  Jean Frey has worked with our students for several years, teaching them all about Mary and the Rosary.  She will be joining us Friday after lunch and give the children the opportunity to make their very own Rosaries.  We will have a test over Chapter 3 NEXT Wednesday and then begin our October Mary Study!  PRAYER TO SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL ON FRIDAY!
Reading/Language Arts:
We will be reading the story, " Elisa's Diary" in class this week.  Our Reading Skill is Theme/Visualizing, and our Phonics concept is the stressed and unstressed syllables.  In Grammar we are learning about making plural nouns and collective nouns.  We will also be looking at the suffixes ly and ful.  Our writing prompt this week will be a 3-Paragraph Fiction Narrative.  The children will imagine waking up INVISIBLE and what adventures their day brings!  We will begin the prewrite today.  Final Drafts will be due Friday.  Students should have REALISTIC FICTION book picked out by now for their 1st Trimester Book Report.  If your child has not picked a book yet, please let me know and I will help them.  Remember...Realistic Fiction is something that resembles real life with fictional characters.  
In my math class this week, we will be working through the following lessons-
Lesson 36 (Classifying Triangles)
Lesson 37 (Drawing Pictures of Fractions)
Lesson 38 (Fractions and Mixed Numbers on a Number Line)
Lesson 39 (Compare Fractions by Drawing Pictures)
We will have another cumulative test NEXT Wednesday
Our Unit 1 Lab-a-Palooza is off to a great start!  We saved Fred the Worm, saw what Gobstoppers did when we put several in a petri dish full of water, and today, we set up a Gummy Bear Experiment to see how water, baking soda water, salt water, and vinegar affect the gummy bears over a 2 day period.  Tomorrow we will see which brand of gum holds its flavor the longest, and then on Thursday we will see how many pennies it takes to sink a tin foil boat.  Next week we will begin our unit on Design.  I LOVE Lab-a-Palooza Week and I cannot wait for our next one!
-SASEAS Volleyball Tournament here at Seton for the next 2 weeks!!!  Our ladies play today and Tuesday!!!  Be sure to wish them good luck!!!
-Pack Gym Clothes Every Monday
-Make sure your child is showing you the weekly service project sheet and you are signing it for the children to return on Mondays
-October 4th Midterm
-October 4th Spirit Day
Have a great week, and as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 16th

Hello Parents!  
   Happy Monday!  Whew!  It's been a super-busy day!!!  The kiddos sure worked hard!  I have a feeling they will sleep well tonight!  We have a lot going on in our 4th week of school, so let's not waste a single minute!  Here's a peek at what is going on in the classroom!
We begin our Chapter 2 Test Review today.  We will finish that up tomorrow and our Chapter 2 Test will be on Wednesday.  On Thursday we will dive right into Chapter 3 and discuss the Seven Sacraments.  We will focus primarily on the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.
Reading/Language Arts:  
We will read the story, "Double Dutch" in our Journeys textbook and focus on Sequence of Events.  Along with the comprehension, students will also be learning 10 new vocabulary words, re-visiting Digraphs (sh, ch, ck, th, ph, wh sounds), and learning about Common and Proper Nouns.  For our Writing Prompt this week, the children will write a Fictional Narrative about 2 characters in a competition with one another.  This paper will be 5 paragraphs long, and students will be expected to use dialogue, as we did last week. Students should be thinking about a Realistic Fiction book to start reading for our 1st trimester book report!  Spelling and Vocabulary Activities are all set up on Spelling City!
We will review Chapter 1 tomorrow in class.  REMEMBER-vocabulary will be on the test!  Thursday we will begin our Lab-a-Palooza that will carry into next week as well!  I have some "gummy" fun planned out for this week!!!
My math class will complete Lessons 33 (Rounding and Estimating), Lesson 34 (Division with Zeros), and Lesson 35 (Word Problems about Comparing Elapsed Time).  On Thursday we will have Reteach Packet over Lessons 26-30 and a test on Friday.  Last week I tried (and failed) to get the kids started on Kahn Academy.  I love this online learning tool It's free, it's aligned with the 5th grade standards, and now that I have actually read the training manual, it is not accessible to all of your children.  I gave each child in my class 2 cards with their usernames and passwords.  One card should stay here and one needs to go home.  Right now I would like to use the program for basic fact practice, but eventually I will be assigning work to the kids online.  I believe Fridays will be Kahn Academy day in the classroom.
-We have gym on Mondays.  Please be sure your child brings gym clothes each week.  
-Students should be having you respond and sign the pink service paper EVERY Friday.  I only had 6 of my 14 kiddos turn last week's in today.  I was a little disappointed in that.
-Run For Fun Paperwork went home today!!!  We will have a visit from our organizers tomorrow!
-Family Pizza and Movie Night is THIS Friday!  Please send in RSVP and pizza order form as soon as possible!  Hope to see you there!!!
Have a fabulous week!  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to send an email!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 9th

Hello 5th Grade Parents!  
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Just when you think Fall is heading our way, a 90 degree heat wave comes instead!!!  It's going to definitely be a hot one this week!!!  Here's a peek at what will be happening in our nice, cool classroom!
Religion:  In religion this week, we will be discussing how we can spread the Good News to others!  Today we learned about giving witness to Jesus.  On Wednesday we will learn about the Pascal Mystery, and on Thursday and Friday we will learn about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  I believe our Chapter 2 Test will be NEXT Wednesday.
Reading/Language Arts: Our Reading Skill this week focuses on Comparing and Contrasting.  We will use this skill as we read our story, " Up and Running" in our Journeys Textbook.  In spelling, our words all have the long i sound and the long o sound.  We will use some of these words to help with learning the VCCV pattern for Phonics.  In Grammar we are learning about Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates, subject-verb agreement, and using commas in compound sentences.  We are writing another narrative about two characters that provoke a reaction out of one another.  These papers this week must include dialogue.  Please remind your child to be reading for 15 minutes each night.  I'd like the students to begin taking AR tests as soon as possible!
Spelling Words and Vocabulary Words are up on Spelling City!
Science:  In Science this week we will be working on Lesson 3 and Lesson 4-continuing our discussion on the Scientific Method.  We took a look at our bread lab we prepared last week to see which method is the best at keeping bread the freshest.  On Wednesday we are going to test 3 different brands of paper towel to see which absorbs the most water.  We are also spending some time on our Pearson Realize website, watching videos and answering questions.  We will be having our first Science test NEXT Tuesday.  I will attach a study guide to my Science page, as well as email it to parents.
Math: Tomorrow my math class with have their first math test.  We had a great review today, and I feel confident the children are ready to WOW me!  We will be moving on to Lessons 31, 32, and 33.  These lessons focus on Pairs of Lines and Angles Polygons, an Rounding Numbers and Estimating.
*Picture Day is THURSDAY!  Students must dress in school uniforms
*Meet the Teacher is Thursday Evening!  I hope to see you all there!
*Friday is Early Dismissal!  
*September 20th is Family Pizza and Movie Night!
I hope you all have a great week!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 2nd

Hello 5th Grade Parents! 
Welcome back from a nice, long weekend!  I hope you all had a chance to spend some quality time together and have some fun!!!  It was nice to see the children back, looking well-rested and ready to go!  Here is a peek at what is going on in our classroom this week!
This week we will review Chapter 1 and have our first Religion test on Thursday!  On Friday we will begin Chapter 2 and discuss what it is to be the branches and Jesus the Vine.  We are also beginning our school-wide service project for the year.  Our goal is to have the children bring the Gospel home to their families.  I don't want to give it all away, but keep an eye out for unexpected kindness and extra help around the house ;-)
Reading/Language Arts
Our Reading Skill focuses on Text and Graphic Features.  We will learn about this skill in reading "Blasting off to Space Academy" in our Journeys textbook.  In Grammar, were learning about the 4 types of sentences.  Our Spelling list this week includes words with the long a and long e sounds, and in Phonics we are continuing our studies on the VCV pattern.  There will be no writing prompt this week.  Spelling and Grammar Packets are due on Friday.  There will also be spelling and vocabulary activities on Spelling City by the end of the day.  I strongly encourage students to try some of those activities out!  Students should also be reading for 15 minutes each night!
We are going to cover Lessons 28-30 this week and try an Investigation on Friday!  These lessons cover the following concepts:
Measuring Time and Elapsed Time
Multiplying by Multiples of 10 and 100
Interpreting Pictures of Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
*Last week I noticed many students having difficulty with their multiplication facts.  I explained that the better they are at recalling facts, the easier the rest of the math will be.  If your child struggles with multiplication facts please see that he or she works on flashcards a little each night.  There are also some great websites to check out as well!  A few to check out include:
Today in Science, we are setting up a lab to see which method keeps bread the freshest.  We will check our bread samples next Monday!  We will read and discuss Lesson 2 and begin work on a Science Webquest!  Friday will be our first Vocabulary Quiz.  Words and Definitions were given last week!  If your child hasn't checked out the Quizlet link I sent you, please see that he or she does!
-Reading/Grammar Test correct and returns will go home in planners (if needed) today.  Please make sure your child makes corrects in the areas I asked for and return tests tomorrow
-Pack a snack daily!
-If your child has not returned his/here DARE contract yet, please see that it happens this week!  We will have DARE again on Monday
-Spirit Day September 6th!
-Picture Day is September 12th!
-Meet the Teacher September 12th!
-Early Dismissal September 13th!
Have a super week!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of August 26th

Hello Parents!! Happy first full week of 5th grade!!!!  The children had a great start to the week!  They all came right in, read the information on the front board, and immediately began preparing for the day! It's so nice to see them all settling into our morning routine so quickly!  This week we will be learning even more pieces to our daily routine and will be given A LOT of information.  If your child doesn't adjust right away to the 5th grade way of life, don't panic!  Change takes time, and they will all get it eventually!  Here is a peek at what is going on in the classroom this week!
This morning we began Chapter 1 in our Religion books.  This week we will be learning about the early days of Jesus' ministry and what his disciples did to continue his work.  Our Chapter 1 Test is scheduled for NEXT Thursday (September 5th).  Last week I gave the children cards with the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel.  We recite this prayer at the end of Mass each Tuesday, so the children should already be quite familiar with it. We also recite it before recess and lunch each day. This is our first prayer we will be reciting orally for our monthly prayer tests.  The first prayer test will be on September 27th.  
Reading and Language Arts:
This week will will begin Lesson 1 in our Journeys Textbook.  The children will be reading the story, "A Package for Mrs. Jewl" and the skill we will focus on is Story Structure.  Today we will learn what story structure is, learn the vocabulary for the week and phonics skill.  Throughout the rest of the week, we will read through the story in several different ways, applying the new skills we learn each day.  Our Grammar concept for the week focuses on complete sentences.  We will start our first writing piece today as well!  Students will be writing a fictional narrative paragraph.  Typically, with our writing prompts, we work in class each day, and the children will type the final draft on Thursdays.  Whatever doesn't get finished in class, it will be homework.  Spelling Packets and Grammar Packets will be handed out today and will be due back on Friday!  Students can practice the Spelling and Vocabulary on Spelling City every week!  This is optional for students but STRONGLY encouraged!  Finally, if your child has not picked out a book to read for 15-20 minutes a day, please see that he or she has done so this week!  Students won't be able to reach their AR goals unless they read.
We are continuing our testing this week to help us decide if your child will be in our regular math class or our more advanced class.  I would like to clarify that this is NOT a high/low grouping, or as some students refer to "the smart/dumb class".  Some students pick up on concepts quicker than others.  These students will be in the class that moves at a somewhat quicker pace.  Both classes will most likely begin somewhere around lesson 30 in the book.  Mrs. Jones will be teaching the regular math class, and I will be teaching the more advanced math class.  We will let you know which class your child will be in as soon as we have completed our assessments.
Until Christmas break, we will have DARE with Officer Skip each Monday.  Every other week DARE will replace Science class.  Tomorrow we will begin Unit 1 in Science.  Unit 1 focuses on the Scientific Method and what scientists do!  We will do an in class activity and watch a virtual lab, as well as learn the vocabulary for the chapter and read Lesson 1.  We will have a vocabulary quiz on September 6th.  When the children learn the vocabulary, I will send them and you a link to the Quizlet I have prepared to help the children practice the words and definitions.  We will also make flashcards with the vocabulary.
I apologize for the lengthy post!  I know it all may be a bit overwhelming, and I wish I could say it won't always be like this, but I'm pretty wordy.  I like all my parents to know what is going on in the classroom so there is never any confusion!  If you ever have any questions, please email me!!!
*We have Gym on Mondays!  Please be sure your child has clothes to change into. 
*Please see that your child brings a snack daily
*No School next Monday!
*Meet the Teacher Night September 12th! 6:00-6:30 Wine and Cheese     
                                                                   6:30-8:00 Classroom chats
*Picture Day is September 12th!  Order forms went home on Friday!
*Please join us for Mass tomorrow morning if you are able to!  
*Our classroom needs to replenish our Kleenex, Paper Towels, and Clorox Wipes.  If possible, please send one or more of these items in this week.
Have a super week!!!!  As always thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of May 20th-24th

Hello Parents and Happy Monday!!!
I hope everyone had a beautiful, sun-filled weekend!  Sitting at the softball field all day on Saturday sure put me in the mood for summer vacation!!!!  But we are not quite there yet!  We still have just a few things left to do in the 5th grade, so let's get started!!!
Religion: This week we will begin our final chapter (and Sacrament) in our book.  Last week, Father Chris visited us and spoke about Holy Orders and when he received his call to become a priest!  This week, we will dive a little deeper into that special call, and learn about Holy Orders and the responsibilities of the deacons, priests, and bishops.  Our final Religion test will be next Wednesday!
Reading/Language Arts:  Last week we finished the novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I hope the children decide to read the other novels in the Chronicles of Narnia series!  Several have already borrowed a few of my books!  Tomorrow we will have an open-book test over the entire novel.  On Friday, we will get to watch the movie!!!  It's one of my favorites!!!  Our final lesson in spelling is over words from other languages.  Most of our words we will be spelling come from the French language (example: ballet, garage, cassette).  Our Grammar concept focuses on Colons, Commas, and Parentheses.  Packets are due Friday!
Science:  Students are continuing creating their slideshows this week.  Many of the children are all finished with their project and will present this week!!  Final projects are due next Tuesday!
Math:  In math this week, we will review dividing decimals by whole numbers and learn how to divide decimals by decimals.
*The last 5th Grade Mass of the year is TOMORROW!!!  Please make sure your child comes to school in their Sunday best for church!  Mass will be at normal Tuesday Mass time (9:00a.m.).  Children will be allowed to change into regular clothes after Mass.
*Field Day is WEDNESDAY!!!!  Bring a water bottle and dress for a fun day outside in the sun!!!
I want to thank all the parent volunteers and all those who contributed one more time for such an awesome 5th grade picnic!  It was such a fun day for everyone!!!  
Have an awesome week!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!!
Mandy Wood

Week of May 13th

Hello Parents!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Let me first start off by thanking all of you once again for all the thoughtful gifts, cards, lunches, and treats last week!  It was so sweet of all of you!  
I can't believe how close we are to the end of 5th grade!  It seems like it is all going too fast!  Before we go though, we have a few more things to wind down.  Here's a peek at what we will be doing this week!
We will finish up Chapter 24 and have a test on Wednesday.  Father Chris will be visiting the 5th grade on Tuesday to discuss Holy Orders with us!  Then on Thursday we will begin our Chapter on Holy Orders.
Reading/Language Arts:
We will be finishing up our novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this week!  I plan on giving the children a test over this book next week, and next Friday, we will watch the movie!  In Grammar, we will discuss using Commas in different types of sentences and situations.  The children will also either be writing a paragraph describing what their day would be like if they were someone else OR a paragraph describing the best movie ever.
Continue working on slideshows.  Some Presentations this week!
Continuing adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Dividing Decimals
-We will have our book chats on Thursday this week!  Please be sure your child has finished reading his or her book
-April/May character awards Tuesday after Mass
-5th Grade Picnic on Friday!!!
Have a great week!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood