Week of October 23rd

Hello Families!  Happy Rainy Monday!
   I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!  I think the fall weather is finally on its way in!  I love sweatshirt weather!!!  
   We have a super-busy 4 day week this week!  Along with our regular classroom things, we are also going to start designing buttons and magnets to sell in December.  I think the children will really enjoy doing that!  We should all have our October Book Report directions now.  Please see that your child is working on this project a little bit each day, as it will take careful planning for it to turn out correctly!  The children are also being asked to write an essay about our trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum last week!  We spent some time discussing this in class this morning.  The children will have until Thursday to finish the essay, and it will replace the writing prompt for this week!
We finished up Chapter 3 Today, and will review for our test tomorrow!  Along with the information the text gives, students will also need to be able to tell which Sacraments are Sacraments of Initiation, Sacraments of Healing, and Sacraments of Community Service.  
We also finished up Chapter 3 in Science today.  We will review tomorrow in class and the test will be on Wednesday.  Children should review the vocabulary as well as text information.  On Thursday, we will do a fun Penny Boat Lab in class that the children are sure to enjoy!  Next week we will have Lab-a-palooza Part 2!!!  We will do a graphing activity with all the Halloween candy you have so kindly sent in on Monday!  I still need about 10 boxes of sugar cubes, if anyone is interested in sending one or two in.  Thank you for always supporting our labs!  Next week we will also be testing how much weight model arms can hold and making "robotic" arms.  Our focus in this chapter has been the Design Process, so I am anxious to see how well the children apply the concepts they have learned!
In my Math class, we will complete Lesson 40 today and have a Cumulative test over lessons up to 35 tomorrow.  We seem to be working at a comfortable pace and I plan to keep with it.  The tests have been quite good, though I am getting a bit concerned about the quality of our homework.  Some children are rushing through the work, making silly mistakes.  You might want to have chat about this with your child.
No Writing Prompt this week!  We will still learn a new vocabulary word, but we will focus on writing the museum essay instead of having a new writing prompt.  We will be getting a new spelling packet today  The Vocab Test and Spelling Test will be on Thursday, and the Spelling Packet will be due Thursday as well.  We will be reading chapters 7 and 8 in Hatchet this week.  On Wednesday, we will review chapters 5-8 and Quiz will be on Thursday.  Vocabulary WILL be on the quiz for these chapters.  In Grammar, we will be discussion Compound Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, and Using and, but, and or.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Please email if you have any questions or concerns!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood