Happy Early Weekend!

Hello Parents!  I can't believe it, but we are at the end of our week already!  It seems like each week goes by a little bit quicker than the last!  I guess that means we are having fun in the 5th grade!  
And today, we certainly had some fun!  Check out our Science pics on my photo link.  We made aluminum foil boat designs and tested out how many pennies they would hold before sinking.  Some designs held up to 16 pennies!!!  Next week we will continue Lab-a-Palooza Part 2 and work on Halloween Candy Nutrition, and designing a model arm and testing the amount of weight it can hold.  
We've also been working on our buttons that we will be selling on December first.  The children seem to really enjoy this.  I think we will bring in quite a bit of money for the Adopt a Family program!
As you know, we ended our chapter on Sacraments in Religion class this week.  We will now be focusing on the individual Sacraments, starting with Baptism.  We will be reading two chapters out of the textbook, and I also have a wonderful packet on Baptism that we will work on between chapters 4 and 5.  You will see similar packets throughout the next several weeks, as we approach each of the Sacraments.
Overall, the children did a great job on the Science, Math, and Religion tests this week!  I can see they are all really working on time management.  I have noticed much better responses when we review as a class before the tests and quizzes!  This is an awesome sign of growth!!!  If you get a chance over the weekend, please log in to Option C to check out grades and look to see if your child has anything missing for me.  The end of the trimester is quickly approaching and we don't want low grades because we forgot to turn something in.
-Please make sure your child brings gym clothes on Monday
-Pack a snack everyday!
-Halloween is Tuesday!  Be sure your child brings an appropriate costume to change into after lunch and recess!
-Tuesday night, make sure you go through your child's trick-or-treat bag and pull out any butterfingers and reese's cups.  I heard they were bad for kids but great for Mrs. Wood!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!  Stay warm and cozy!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!!
Mandy Wood