week of October 30th

Good Morning Parents!  Happy Halloween Week!  We have some different things going on with our schedule this week, so please be mindful of any changes you may see!  
First, we will be celebrating Halloween tomorrow with a parade and party after lunch and recess.  Please make sure your child brings an appropriate costume to change into after lunch, as well as any snacks, paper products, etc...you have signed up to bring for the party.
On Tuesday, we will also get the chance to work with our 2nd grade buddies!  We will be decorating pumpkins and writing sentences!  Keep an eye out for photos!
We will have Mass on Wednesday AND Thursday this week, and our homeroom has prepared the Mass for Wednesday.  Please join us if you are able to!  
Here's what's going on in class this week!
We will begin Chapter 4 in our textbook this week.  We have also started looking into the weekend readings for upcoming Masses.  You will be seeing papers with the word, SOAP, written across the top.  This stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.  The children seem to enjoy filling these sheets out, and it gives us a chance to prepare for Sunday Mass.
Today we will do a fun activity with Mean, Median, and Mode and SKITTLES!  I think candy always makes math more fun!  The rest of the week we will work on Lessons 41,42, and 43.  We will have a Cumulative test next Wednesday.
Tomorrow, we will be graphing the number of calories in some of our favorite halloween candies!  Thanks to all who sent candy in for us!  On Wednesday and Thursday we will be designing model arms and testing how strong they are!  Friday we will end Lab-a-Palooza Part 2 with making our versions of robotic arms!  Next week we will begin chapter 3 and focus on Ecosystems!
Reading/Language Arts:
This week our new word is Desist.  Students will fill out Word Maps in class today and will need to start Rough Drafts tonight!  We don't want to do this on Halloween!!!  Final Drafts will still be due on Friday.  We also have our spelling packets and Spelling Test due on Friday.  On Wednesday, we will be finishing up the Grammar packet that was given out two weeks ago.  We will review the content on Thursday and students will have a quiz on Friday.  The quiz will cover Direct and Indirect Objects, Compound Direct Objects, Conjunctions, Run-on Sentences, and Subordinate Conjunctions.  Students should also be finishing up their October Book Reports.  They aren't due until next week, but if your child finishes early, I will allow them to present early!  We are moving right along in Hatchet. I am hoping to read chapters 9-12 this week and test over those chapters early next week!  The children really seem to enjoy this novel!  I will give them section 3 vocabulary definitions today, so it seems like a good time to start studying them!
-Please have your child pack a snack each day.  My supplies are dwindling!
-You may want to take inventory on your child's school supplies.  I seem to have more and more students without pencils, highlighters, pens, etc...each day.  I know I have to replenish my daughters' supplies this weekend!
Have a fantastic week!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me!  Thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood