Hello Parents and Happy Monday!  I hope all of you stayed warm and cozy over the weekend!  The snow was a nice surprise, but I was happy to enjoy it from the comfort of my couch and blanket!  The countdown has started...Christmas Break is within our grasp!  Here's a look at what is going on this week:
Last week our class learned about the O Antiphons.  The children made some lovely posters with the prayers and symbols.  Today, we began making shadowboxes for the O Antiphons.  Once we have them completed and placed out in the hallway it's going to look wonderful!  We will begin Chapter 8 this week in our textbook.  Chapter 8 focuses on The Coming of the Holy Spirit.  I believe we will have a test over this chapter NEXT Wednesday.
Reading/Lang. Arts:
Our word this week is Colossal!  Our prompt is, What would you do if a colossal shadow came over you?  We are going to try to start rough drafts today and Final Copies will be due on Friday.  We will also be finishing our novel, The Cay, this week.  If all goes according to plan, we will have a quiz over Chapters 13-19 on Friday and next Wednesday we will have a final book test.  I know it seems like we just started the book, but it is quite short.  I promise, we aren't rushing through it!  In Grammar, we will be discussing Regular and Irregular verbs.  Spelling Packets and Grammar packets are due on Friday.  Spelling City is all set up for the lesson this week.  Children now get WoodBucks for each activity they complete by the end of the week.  We also began our Accelerated Reader program last week.  I sent letters home explaining the program, what I plan to do with it, and your child's reading goals for this trimester.  I am happy to say the children are super excited about the Accelerated Reader and stickers are already going up on our point chart!  
Last week, the children worked on their Biomes Posters with a partner.  We started presenting the final project on Thursday.  The posters look amazing!  As soon as everyone presents and I have the posters all hung up, I will take some pictures of our wall of biomes and post them!  Tomorrow, we are going to begin our discussion on amphibians.  Students will get packets tomorrow.  Please be sure those packets stay in binders, as they will serve as our "textbooks" this week and next.  Again, if things go according to plan, we will also be making Amphibian research Flipbooks.  This may not start until next week though!  I LOVE talking about amphibians, so if this conversation carries on into January, I am ok with that! 
This week we will cover lessons 57-60 and work on a Reteach packet that covers lessons 51-55.  On Monday next week, we will have a test over 51-55.
I'm so proud of how hard the kiddos are working.  They really are putting forth some great effort!  I hope they keep that up for the remainder of our time before Christmas break!
-Bring a snack daily
-We are in short supply of the thin point black sharpies.  The kids want to use them all the time, but they never have them.  I have some, but often the kiddos don't return what they borrow from me.  WoodBucks to anyone who brings in a pack to share with the class!
-A few children did not turn in their D.A.R.E. essay today for Officer Skip.  He will be here again on Friday.  Please make sure your angel has theirs finished!
Have a fabulous week!  If you need anything, have questions, comments, or concerns, please email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood