Week of December 18th

Good Afternoon Families!  We have a short week this week!  We are all so excited about the upcoming break!!!!!  We just have a few things we need to prepare for this week and remember for Wednesday!
We will have a final The Cay test tomorrow!  We reviewed today and students will be allowed to use their packets and novels.  
Wednesday we will have a Chapter 8 Religion test.  The children were given study questions and vocabulary today, so hopefully they will start studying tonight!  
We took a Math test today over lessons 51-55.  Students were given Reindeer Round-up packets after the test.  We will work on these tomorrow, and then whatever doesn't get finished can be completed for WoodBucks over the break.  It will be OPTIONAL!
We are still researching away on our amphibians.  Remember, we will pick this project back up after the break.  There is no need to work on it at home!  Students CAN be looking for a photo of their amphibian and printing it out.  
As you know, Wednesday is our Christmas party!  Our room moms have planned a nice, cozy afternoon!  Please make sure your child has a pair of PJs, slippers if wanted, and a blanket and pillow!  After lunch we will change into our comfy cozies and watch a movie while enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks!  
I hope everyone has a great week and a simply marvelous Christmas and New Years!!!!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me!!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood