Week of January 8th-12th

Hello Parents! 
I hope everyone enjoyed some extra days off!  That was an unexpected surprise!  We have a lot planned for the week, so I hope we can get it all in!
First and foremost, the D.A.R.E. graduation has been rescheduled for January 25th at 2:15.  I hope you can join us for this special event!
The Spelling Bee is still on for Thursday, January 11th!  I know the kiddos are excited about that!
Amphibian Flip Books were supposed to be due on Monday, but due to the days off Friday and Monday, children can bring them in Tuesday without penalty.
Here is what is happening in the classroom:
This week we are continuing our discussion on the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We will finish up the Confirmation Packet on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and then there will be a brief quiz over the information on Tuesday, January 16th.  
This week, our word is Extravert.  Students will not have prompt over this word, as we normally do.  Instead, I would like the children to try and incorporate the word into our SnowGlobe stories we are writing.  We began writing down ideas for this story last week, and tonight children should be finishing up their rough drafts.  This story needs to be AT LEAST 5 paragraphs long.  Paragraph 1: Introduction, Paragraph 2-4: Events, Paragraph 5: Conclusion.  Each paragraph should be around 5-7 sentences long.  We will do some self-editing and peer-editing this week.  Because the stories are a bit longer than usual, I have decided to make the Final draft due on Tuesday, January 16th.  ALL FINAL DRAFTS MUST BE TYPED THIS TIME.  We will be hanging these stories up in the hallway along with our snow globes we make during Catholic Schools Week.  If you do not have a way to print the stories, have your child email it to me.  
We are also continuing our reading of the novel, Holes.  I am hoping to read chapters 8-17 and have a quiz next Tuesday.  The kids are loving this story!  
Our Grammar concept this week focuses on easily confused words.  When do we use sit instead of set?  Is it raise or rise?  Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it by Friday!
We are beginning our Chapter 4 Space Exploration this week!  Today in class, students found the definitions for our 15 vocabulary words.  The quiz over these words will be on January 18th.  This chapter is quite long and will take us through to February!  We will be working a lot online and really utilizing the Pearson Realize website, as it has some great resources to help us learn about Space!
We will focus on Lessons 63-65 this week.  On Friday the children will be given a Reteach Packet over Lessons 56-60 and on Tuesday we will have a test over these lessons.
Next week is a short week too!  No School Monday!
Make sure your child packs a snack everyday
Wwill have outdoor recess again soon (I hope) so make sure your kiddos are dressed appropriately with coats, gloves, and hats.  
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  
Mandy Wood