Week of February 12th-16th

Good Morning Parents!  Happy Sunny Monday!  I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend!  We have another 4 day week this week, with a whole lot going on, so let's get started!
This week, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we are working on All About God's Love posters. These posters are so cute.  The children get to show examples of God's love in the world, tell what God's love means to them, and share a special Bible Verse about God's love that speaks to them.  Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and we will be celebrating Mass at 9:00.  We will also read a section in our book about the importance of Lent.
Reading/Lang. Arts:
Our Word of the Week is Irk.  The students will be writing paragraphs about what irks them the most.  I am sure I will be reading some good papers this week!  We will review our Holes book today in class and go over the questions for the final test.  I have been going back and forth about when to give the final test.  I am going to move it to Wednesday due to our play this evening.   We will be focusing on Pronouns in our Grammar Flip Program this week.  Spelling packets will be due on Thursday, as well as Final Drafts.  We will have our WoW quiz, Spelling test, and Grammar Quiz on Thursday.
We are working on a Valentine Math Review Packet this week, as well as lessons 71 and 72.  
Last week we started our individual research on a planet (or dwarf planet) in our solar system.  Students will continue their posters in class this we will also work on a fun phases of the moon activity involving Oreos!!  Our Solar System Lab-a-palooza will continue on through next week!  The Chapter 4 Tests were awesome for the most part!  I think the children really enjoyed our Space unit!
-Students should be at the school, in full costume, by 6:15 tonight!
-Pack a snack Daily
-We will exchange Valentines on Wednesday
-Meatless Wednesday for lunch for Ash Wednesday
I think that covers it all!  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood