Week of February 24th-28th

Hello Parents!  Happy IOWA  testing week!!!  This is a big week for the kiddos!  we will be testing Monday-Thursday over the IOWA content, and next Monday we will finish the IOWAs and start in on the CoGAT testing.  I'm hoping we can get everyone finished up by next Friday.  As I told the children today, it is super important to get a good night sleep and eat a full, healthy breakfast in the morning!  I know the germs are flying, so please take precautions to avoid the flu!  clorox wipes are our friends!!!  Here is a rundown of our schedule for the week.  I apologize in advance for this lengthy post!!!!
This week will continue and finish chapter 10 in our books.  We will discuss how we recognize Jesus in the breaking of bread and how Jesus is the bread of life.  We will review the chapter on Thursday and have our chapter 10 test on Friday.  Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) marks the beginning of Lent!  In class we will work on a Lenten Journey packet each week, as well as an All About Lent poster.  
Reading Skill-Sequence of Events/Visualize
Phonics and Spelling Skills-Common Final Syllables
Vocabulary Strategy-Using a Thesaurus
Grammar Skills-Use of the Verbs be and have, using Verb Phrases, Irregular Verbs
We will begin reading the novel, Holes this week!!!  I am so excited!  This is such an amazing book!!!!
Lesson 83-Properties of Geometric Solids
Lesson 84-Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
Kahn Academy
We are back in the book this week, beginning Chapter 5!  We will be learning all about Forces and Motion!  This chapter is quite brief, but we will be spending a lot of time on some pretty fun labs!!!  I can't wait to get started!!
I have attached a copy of what our days will look like this week.  We are 5A and Mrs. Jone's class is 5B
*The end of the trimester is FRIDAY!!!!  I can't even believe it!
*Please turn in yearbook order forms
*Please turn in COSI permission slips and fees as soon as possible.  And the more chaperones, the better!  It really is an amazing field trip!!!
*Donuts with Dad flyers will go home in the children's folders today!
Have an awesome week!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me!!! And as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!!
Mandy Wood