Week of September 4th

 Happy Tuesday Families!  I hope all of you had a wonderful, long weekend!  I know I sure did!  Due to the shortened week though, we do have a long to-do list!  Here is a quick run-down on what to expect this week!
Last week, we finished up Chapter 1 in our textbook.  On Wednesday, we will have our first Religion test.  Before the test, we will have a quick review over the concepts and ideas we discussed last week.  On Thursday, we will dive right into Chapter 2.  Our class is also preparing the Mass for next Tuesday.  The children will be given their petitions and readings today (hopefully).  If your child has a speaking part, please practice with him/her this week.  We will go to the church on Monday to practice as a class.
We are continuing our chapter on how scientists investigate this week.  Today, we will prepare several pieces of bread by putting them in different wrappings. At the end of the week, we will observe which wrapping kept the bread the freshest.  We will really be focusing on the Scientific Method-especially interpreting our data.   Don't forget, we have our Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday!  Students have the words and definitions in their Science Notebooks!
Reading/Lang. Arts/Expression
Our new Word of the Week is Perturbed.  Today we will learn about the word and discuss our new writing prompt.  Students will begin rough drafts today! Our first writing assignments from last week were pretty good!  I expect all of the children to improve each week with their writing skills.  We are definitely off to a great start!
We are continuing our discussion on nouns this week.  We will be focusing on possessive nouns, nouns as subjects, and collective, concrete, and abstract nouns.
Our spelling list is up on Spelling City now.  I have not officially assigned the work to the students on this site, but I would like them to at least visit the site once or twice a week to get familiar with the words.  Packets will go home today and are due Friday.  All the words have the long e and a sounds.  
We will be reading Chapters 3 and 4 of our novel this week.  The children really seem to be enjoying The Mixed up Files so far!  On Friday, there will be another quiz over these two chapters.  
Now that all the testing is finished up and the classes are split up, we can finally begin our Math instruction!  The children in my math class will be starting on Lesson 16 of our book.  You can expect math homework each night, as I strongly believe math is one subject that needs to be practiced constantly.  If you know your child still struggles a bit with multiplication facts, please have him/her review the facts for about 5 minutes each night.  I have my daughter flip through flashcards right before she goes to sleep each night. We have made it part of our nightly routine, and it seems to be helping quite a bit!
I hope all of you have a wonderful week!  I missed these kiddos over the long weekend, and it was so nice to see their happy little faces this morning!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at wooda@saseas.org any time!!
Thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood