Week of September 11th

What!  A 5-day week!  That's Awesome!!!  It will be nice to be on a normal schedule this week!  Here's a quick rundown on what we'll be doing in class!
This week we will continue our discussion on the Scientific Method.  We will work on a digital lab on Tuesday involving water temperatures.  We will also discuss Science Tools and more Lab Safety!   I expect our first Science Test to be NEXT Friday if things go my way!
Our homeroom is in charge of planning the Mass this week!  Please join us in worshipping if you are able to!  In class, we will be discussing giving witness to Christ and the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  We will have a Chapter 2 Test on Friday.
Our Word of the Week is Myriad!  We will be working on our third writing assignment this week.  We will also be reading Chapters 5 and 6 of our Mixed up Files novel.  There will be a quiz over these chapters on Friday, along with our Spelling and WoW tests.  In Grammar, we will continue our discussion on Nouns.  
We will complete Lesson 20 today in my Math class.  On Tuesday, we will have a cumulative assessment over lessons 1-20.  Remember, we started with Lesson 16, but that's because the children all passed the skills for lessons 1-15.  I am confident they will do great on the test Tuesday!
-Children should be reading a realistic fiction book
-Gym clothes need to come to school on Mondays
-Graded Paper Folders need to be signed on Fridays and Returned Mondays!
-Meet the Teacher on Thursday!
-No School for students next Monday!
Have a happy week!
Mandy Wood