Week of October 9th

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you had a nice weekend!  This week, we have our Run-4-Fun on Friday, so it will be a 4 day work week!  We have a lot of tests and quizzes to prepare for this week, so you may want to remind children to start now!  
We finished up our Chapter 19 on Mary today.  We will have a test on Wednesday over the chapter, as well as  the different themes of the Rosary Mysteries.  Your child will want to focus on pg. 226 to help prepare for that.  For this part of the test, I will give the children a theme, and they will have to write which Mystery it falls under.  On Thursday, we will begin our discussion on the Sacraments!
My math class just finished lesson 35 today.  Tomorrow we will have a Cumulative Test over lessons 1-30.  The last set of tests were quite impressive!!
We'll work on Lessons 36 and 37 on Wednesday and Thursday.
Reading:  We will read through Chapters 3 and 4 of Hatchet this week.  On Wednesday, we will review the chapters and vocabulary.  Thursday we will have a quiz.  We did not have vocabulary with the Mixed-up Files novel, so this is new.  We went over the 20 words from section 1 last week.  The children should have the definitions in their Reading Notebook.  Our WoW Quiz will also be on Thursday.
Our new WoW word is Serpentine, and our Prompt is: Think of 3 animals (no snakes) that might move in a serpentine manner.  Describe why it might be advantageous to move this way.  Final Drafts are still due Friday!  Spelling Packets are due Thursday this week and our test will be Thursday.  We are also starting Grammar packets this week.  The first packet is on Verbs.  This will be due NEXT Wednesday, and we will have a quiz over verbs that day
We will be discussing different types of technology and how technology is relevant to our lives.  We will have a chapter 2 Vocabulary quiz on October 12th
Run-4-Fun final turn in date is Wednesday
No Mass on Tuesday
Mass on Friday starts at 8:40 with the Rosary!!!
Have a fabulous week!!!!  Thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood